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Gartam Ltd is a London based company created by Dr. Alan D’Orlando to offer to the collectors and investors solutions to enter in the art investment system. Gartam Ltd offers solutions for private and institutional investors. The company has partnerships with art advisors, art dealers and contemporary artists. The special focus is on the contemporary art market. In the world a lot of companies have started doing art investment and they start developping the culture of the alternative investment. For Gartam the art investment is not only the direct investment on the acquiring of arts. In fact, Gartam offers, in a vision of diversification, advising on the art investment through the participation in start up (in the art market) or through the participation in parallel businesses of the art market. All the Art System is growing in all the world. The collectors are growing. The selling of art goods is globally growing. And the market (specially investors and collectors) has opportunity to grow very fast. The claim of Gartam is Art Is Asset! Finally, Gartam offers consulting for art asset management (art lending, art securization, etc.).
Gartam Ltd and ArtMeet invite artists and collectors to consider Art as an asset and, consequently, to manage the artistic value as cultural and economic heritage.



ArtMeet was founded as a creative network, connecting buyers and art collectors with some of the best international contemporary art available. Since 2013, ArtMeet has shown work at the ArtMeet Gallery by some of the most exciting artists from around Europe, as well as many of the best in Italy. ArtMeet has also collaborated with the Embassies of Finland, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Poland, Belgium, the General Consulate of the Netherlands, as well as the Austrian Forum of Culture in Milano. ArtMeet worked with companies and associations such as Unicef Italia and Amref Italia. ArtMeet has created the first edition of ArtExpoMilano (ArtExpo2015) to run alongside the Universal Expo 2015 in Milan. A 90-day art exhibition from July 2 to September 30 2015, presented during Universal Expo 2015 in one of the most interesting areas of Milan. Art business conferences and workshops, Art and Creative Labs (workshops) for artists, children, families, tourists and the citizens of Milan.

Since February 2015 ArtMeet has been art advisor for collectors and companies. ArtMeet is honored to be again the organizer of ArtExpo2016 Milano with Gartam Ltd, selecting the best art around the world.


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